Friday, 30 January 2015 (Ertegun House)

9.00 Registration and Coffee

9.15 Greeting Activity

9.30 Welcome

9.45 Keynote Lecture (Upper Annexe):
“Christ has subjected us to the harsh yoke of the Arabs”: The Syriac exegesis of Jacob of Edessa in the new world order 
Prof. Alison Salvesen (Oxford)

10.30 Coffee

11:00 Bodleian Manuscripts — Dr. César Merchan-Hamann (Weston Library, Bahari Room)

12:00 Conclude

12:15 Lunch

13.30 Artifact Handling Session at Ashmolean Museum — Dr. Senta German

16:30 Tea

16.45 Paper Session One (Moderator: Jeremiah Coogan, Oxford)
Resolving Genealogical Ambiguity: Eusebius and (ps-)Ephrem on Luke 1:36 (Matthew Crawford, Durham)
The Syriac Vorlage and Translation Technique of the Arabic Version of Acts in Sinai Ar. 154 (Joshua Falconer, Catholic University of America)
The Harclean Syriac, the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method, & the Development of the Byzantine Text: The State of Their Union (Peter Gurry, Cambridge)

18.15 Wine Reception

19:00 Conference Dinner

 Saturday, 31 January 2015

9.00 Registration and Coffee

9.15 Keynote Lecture (Upper Annexe):
Samuel of Edessa, Mattai of Aleppo, and Wapha the Aramean Philosopher: Some thoughts on Syriac literature as a distorting mirror — Dr. Jack Tannous (Princeton)

10.30 Coffee

10:45 Paper Session Two (Moderator: Valentina Duca, Oxford)
The Sources of the Syriac Apocalypse of Daniel (Walter Beers, Princeton)
“The Song of Their Salvation”: The Biblical Odes in the Syriac Manuscript Tradition (Jeremiah Coogan, Oxford)
The Syriac Nachleben of Jewish Apocrypha: The case of Joseph and Aseneth (Jonathon Wright, Oxford)

12.15 Lunch

13.30 Paper Session Three (Moderator: Walter Beers, Princeton)
The Exegetical  Activity  of Mar  Aba  I (d.  552): A first  glimpse  from  East  Syrian Commentary Tradition (Vittorio Berti, Roma Tre)
The Old Testament and Invention of Holy Places in Syria-Mesopotamia during Late Antiquity (Sergey Minov, Oxford)
“A shevet shall not cease from Judah”: On translation, polemic and theology in Syriac and Greek (Yifat Monnickendam, Hebrew University)

15:00 Tea

15.15 Paper Session Four (Moderator: Jonathon Wright, Oxford)
Human weakness: Isaac of Nineveh and the Syriac Macarian corpus (Valentina Duca, Oxford)
Dialogues in Syriac translation: Theodotus of Ancyra Contra Nestorium (Luise Marion Frenkel, São Paulo, Brazil)
Eusebius’ Historia Ecclesiastica in Syriac and Latin: a first comparison (Carla Noce, Roma Tre)

16:45 Concluding Remarks and Discussion (Prof. David Taylor, Oxford)

17:15 Carriages